California: West Side

If you are wondering about the activities you can do in California I have a great list of things to do outdoors!

There are many hike paths in California, you can go hiking to Burney falls, to the summit of MT. Baldy, the john Muir trail and so much more! Hiking is a great outdoor activity that is also great for your health! The hiking paths are wonderful in California and they are simply a thing you must try if you enjoy hiking. You can also combine hiking with camping in wild willy hot springs, which is a beautiful place to visit, even if you don’t enjoy hiking.

50 minutes away from the Californian south cost you will find Catalina*s two harbors, here you can combine camping outside with kayaking.

There are plenty more activities to do in California, such as rock climbing! At Saddle peak you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and climb some rocks! It is very family-friendly as well so you do not have to worry!

Another thing to do in California would be to fish! There are plenty of fishing spots and you do not need to have any permits or license to start fishing!

A beautiful place to visit would be the Mammoth lakes, a beautiful fishing spot with mountains and trees that bring out the best from mother nature!

If fishing is not your thing or any of these activities we still got things for you! There are many nature and national monuments in California. Amazing places to have a good look at nature in California, a fun activity to do! Yosemite national park is also another great place to visit that brings out the best of California and its outdoor activities. Death Valley could be a place to visit as well, it is very known in California.

If you like activities that involves some more movement and action I would recommend to try some biking. There are different types of biking, you could either cruise around in the main cities in California such as Los Angeles, or you could try some mountain bike in the forests. There are many bike paths to choose from like north star bike park, Downieville, Forrest of nisene marks and Soquel demonstration Forrest, etc,

There are many options to choose from. California is a big place with lots of activities to do! I would defiantly try some of the once that I have listed here. There is a lot of nature, but you could also do activities in the cities of California. You could explore the cities on foot, or by bike! Napa country is a beautiful wine yard to visit! I would highly recommend visiting some of the national parks, there are a lot of them! There are also a lot of islands that I would recommend to take a closer look at. There are more basic things that you could do as well, like watching the sunset over the golden gate bridge in San Francisco, the list is basically endless and it is up to you to explore all the activities and opportunities in California!