Out With The Old In With The New Mexico

Some Fishing Locations in New Mexico

Fishing in New Mexico is a worthwhile experience. The rivers and lakes not only offers great fish to catch but also relaxing sceneries that will surely lift up your mood. Fishing locations in New Mexico are prized not for the fishing activities that they offer. Let us discuss some of the best fishing locations in New Mexico detail by detail

Red RiverRed River is a resort town located in Taos County, New Mexico. It has three popular fishing locations visited by thousands of anglers annually. Upper red river is a fishing ground that offers excellent catches of brooks and stocked rainbows. The main red river fishing location is ideal to catch fishes under bridges and bushes. However, anglers need to be careful when fishing here for some parts are off-limits. The third fishing location is the lower red river. It is a great place to catch bass, trout, etc.CimarronThis fishing location is located in Northern New Mexico and stretches up to Cimarron, New Mexico mainland bypassing Eagle Nest and Cimarron Canyon State Park. It offers 10-mile public access that is great for fishing, camping, and landscape painting. The beauty of Cimmaron is extremely wondrous. It is a small tailwater that looks like a mountainous fishing stream. Its waters are very healthy towards aquatic life and are famous for harboring the best wild brown trout fisheries in the Southwest. Fishing is abundant from May to October which can be paired with side recreational activities in between.Navajo Lake State ParkNavajo Lake is renowned as a bustling location for fly fishing. It is important to learn to fly fishing before going here because other methods of fishing won’t definitely work. It also offers guided boat tours to enjoy the scenery that Navajo lake has to offer. Anglers are recommended to watch out for snakes as they fish for the healthy ecosystem of the area provides wonderful breeding grounds for other animals apart from fish.

Some Hunting Locations in New Mexico

Also called the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico really lives up to its reputation. Hunters will find that New Mexico is a great place for some hardcore hunting experience. It offers a wide variety of habitats that provide ample breeding grounds for animals suited for hunting. Deers , pronghorn, antelope, elk, dove and the exotic species of Oryx can be found here. The following are the best hunting locations in New Mexico

Cibola National Forest and National GrasslandsWith 1,625, 542 acres, dedicated to hunting activities, Cibola National Forest and National Grasslands will never disappoint a seasoned hunter that will come to visit. Deers, elks, antelope, and wild turkey can be found here. The location also offers opportunities for fishing. Cibola is open all year, however, severe winters result on some of the recreational areas to be closed to protect the public from accidentsNorthwest New MexicoNorthwest New Mexico is a great place for mule deer hunting. The large population of mule deers awaits hunters who plant to visit. Professionals advise amateur hunter who hunts in the region to be more cautious as they hunt for the vast number of mule deers can lead to a stampede as soon as gunfire is heard.New Mexico Black Bear Management ZoneThis is a hunting location dedicated to hunting bears. It is a wilderness area that includes the Gila National Forest. Only professional hunters are recommended to visit for hunting black bears is really dangerous. The hunting season starts when the bear population is at its peak and ends when the bear population limit is reached.